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A Natural Medicine Protocol for Strong, Healthy Children

Have you ever thought?

"Fevers scare me. I don't trust them and would rather live without them." or "Flus need to be avoided or minimized at all costs." or "Colds seem to drag on and I don't know why."

In 2019, fear governs too many conversations around health and childhood health in particular.

We have the capacity to change all that.

Wouldn't it be nice to pass through a cold, flu or fever and feel stronger on the other side of it?

The tools to pull off this not-so-magic trick are simple, even though they are not widely known (even among naturally-minded people).

The Nature Code Kids Program is an essential course for parents, expecting parents, and parents dreaming of expecting… people who want simple, natural and powerful tools to support little ones' healthy development.

This 5-month program will give you:

  • A deeper faith in your child’s body, their symptoms and in what those symptoms mean.
  • A powerful natural medicine kit to work with these symptoms instead of against them. From nutrition to homeopathic and herbal medicine, the course focuses on increasing your confidence as you face family health challenges.
  • Increased health awareness that will improve health outcomes and support your relationship with your primary care physician and health team.

When we teach this knowledge to our children, they develop the strength and inner knowing to trust their health and their bodies for years to come.

If you want to raise happy, thriving children who grow into strong, healthy, and vibrant adults, you're in the right place.


  • 5 Video Modules

    Over 5 hours of video with in-depth information that will give you a solid foundation and understanding of the best ways to help your child.

  • Downloadable Audio

    Take the course with you wherever you go! The audio files allow you to listen or quickly reference the material while on the go.

  • Useful Resources

    Access to resources like where to source remedies, best practices, check lists, references, and much more! All easily downloadable for later reference.

  • Transcripts

    Access to downloadable transcripts you can use to reference particular details, or if you want to deepen your understanding by going over the information.

  • Support

    We've created a private Facebook group only for members of the course where you can share your stories, ask questions, and receive ongoing updates and resources.

  • Lifetime Access

    Once you purchase the course you have lifetime access to any add ons or revisions in the future! This way as you child grows you can use the course as an ongoing source of support.

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